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The Top 10 London Venues for Function singers and Musicians To Perform At

by Sheldon Conrich 02 Apr 2024

The Dorchester

The Dorchester has a grand ballroom perfect for high end events and great for singers and musicians trying to showcase both small set ups like solo, duo and trio acts and for large function bands. There’s a posh reception area where they hold drinks and you will often find a singer or instrumentalist performing to tracks for the guests. The ballroom is right next to the reception area and has a grand stage which can fit, I would say around sixteen musicians on before it gets uncomfortable and cramped.


The Iconic Claridges is well known for a range of things including Gordon Ramsey and hosting grand balls. However it is actually quite versatile because other than it’s large ballroom it also has smaller rooms to the side which can feature more low key music which again is perfect for singers and instrumentalists to perform in a solo, duo or even trio set up. The grand ballroom can be used as a wedding ceremony room before being turned around which could feature a singer or maybe a string quartet.

The Ned

I’ve performed at the Ned many times over recent years including the main stage on ground level, the private members top floor restaurant and the basement members club. As a singer, guitarist and keys player I’d say downstairs is probably my favourite place to perform. The atmosphere is great and the staging area is perfect for a small set up. For a more low key set as a solo performer or duo act, the top floor is a great vibe and you can create a lovely atmopshere with some acoustic music.

The Grand Connaught Rooms

The Connaught Rooms in Holborn is quite a vast performance space. I’ve seen orchestras like the London Philharmonic and function bands alike perform on the main stage. It’s a massive ballroom. However there is a side room where the bar is, and that is perfect for guests to mingle and chat. For that area the solo singer, saxophonist or violinist would sound great performing to acoustic tracks.

Nobu Hotel

Nobu Hotel is relatively new in the grand scheme of hotels in London. It used to be a Radisson blu but they’ve redeveloped it and the ballroom is actually really big and versatile. They have a dedicated staging area for performers and can definitely fit a few hundred guests in there. Meanwhile outside the ballroom is where they hold reception drinks on the balcony above the main hotel entrance. This is a great place for solo singers and instrumentalists to showcase more chilled acoustic music and create the vibe before the party begins.

The Landmark Hotel

The Landmark is one of my favourite places to perform and one that I perform at regularly. There are two large ballrooms, a reception area and they often split the ballroom for ceremonies or smaller events. So this suits function singers and musicians because you can perform in a small set up earlier in the day and then end with a full function band set up.

The Langham Hotel

The Langham Hotel is another venue I perform at regularly and it’s main ballroom is huge. The acoustics of the room are pretty decent and there’s always a nice atmopshere there. Outside the ballroom and up the stairs there’s an area for reception drinks which again is great for those looking to perform more chilled background acoustic vibes earlier in the night.

The Rosewood Hotel

The Rosewood is one of the biggest ballrooms I perform in and is really impressive. I also do a lot of wedding ceremonies there as just outside the ballroom is a beautiful intimate space where brides can walk down the stairs approaching the aisle. There are also cool vintage bars on the first floor for singers and instrumentalists to perform live acoustic background music.

The Savoy

The Savoy has a beautiful ballroom. Some of the most impressive functions I performed on have featured at the Savoy. As a function performer you want venues like this with hundreds of guests in front of you. That said there’s a ceremony area downstairs perfect for solo, duos and trio set ups. And they have a reception drinks area upstairs if you wanted to perform to acoustic tracks.

One Great George St

I’m throwing in One Great George st just for fun here. It’s really quite grand and as a function performer you’ll really need a decent sized band and production to make this work. The room needs adequate amplification because it’s a really high ceiling but it’s a beautiful looking venue. From a more intimate acoustic performance they have rooms downstairs for reception drinks and this is perfect for solo and duo set ups.

Thanks for reading my blog on some of my favourite venues to perform at in London as a function singer/instrumentalist.

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