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Performing Country Music Songs at Weddings

by Sheldon Conrich 31 May 2024

Country music has always had a special place in people's hearts, but recently it has been gaining popularity at modern weddings. The heartfelt lyrics, soulful melodies, and twangy guitars create a warm and inviting atmosphere that many couples are looking to incorporate into their special day.

Why is country music becoming popular at weddings?

Country music is known for its emotional depth and storytelling, making it the perfect genre to capture the love and commitment shared between two people on their wedding day. The authenticity and sincerity of country music resonate with couples who want to create a genuine and heartfelt atmosphere at their wedding. With artists like Dan + Shay partnering up with Justin Bieber and Shania Twain duetting with Anne Marie, it's clear that Country music is now a modern pop genre. You'll find a range of country songs trending on platforms like Tik Tok from classic Dolly Parton tracks to George Strait and more.

Popular country music songs for weddings

Some popular country music songs that are perfect for weddings include classics like "Glad You Exist" by Dan + Shay, "God Bless the Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts, and "Beautiful Crazy" by Luke Comb. These songs are timeless and romantic, setting the perfect tone for a wedding ceremony or reception.

Tips for creating an authentic country music set list

When creating a country music set list for a wedding, it's important to choose songs that resonate with the couple and their love story. Consider including a mix of upbeat, dance-worthy songs and heartfelt ballads to create a dynamic and engaging playlist. Don't be afraid to mix in some classic country hits with newer releases to appeal to a wide range of guests. Additionally, consider the timing of each song and how it will fit into the flow of the wedding day. For example, save the slower, more emotional songs for key moments like the first dance or parent dances, and keep the energy high during the reception with fun, upbeat tunes.

At Acoustic Backs And Tracks we've created dedicated country music volumes featuring a mix of older and more modern songs. Our acoustic backing tracks try to keep the authentic country feel whilst stripping back the instrumentation to guitar, piano or a combination of both. Check out our Country Music volumes for ideas for your next country music wedding set list.

Overall, country music is a versatile and heartfelt genre that can add a special touch to any wedding. Whether you're a country music fan or just looking to create a warm and inviting atmosphere at your client's wedding, consider incorporating some popular country music songs into your set list to create a truly memorable day.

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